Full house design and remodeling - Whether you want to build your dream house from scratch or just remodel a small part of it, we have the right crew to make it happen!

Floor plan modification and design - Do you have a lot of square footage but small spaces? We can help you change the layout of your house. Make it more spacious and bring that open space feeling to it.

Landscaping designs - Living in Southern California your backyard is your second home! Where you want to completely redo your backyard by adding a pool, bungalow, bbq or a modern seating area, or simply you want to add some modest but tasteful design, we are here to help.

Kitchen designs - Let us help you update your dream kitchen. A chef’s kitchen? A minimalistic modern kitchen? High end, top notch kitchen? High end appliances? We can do all.

Cabinet designs - Need extra storage space? Extra kitchen cabinets? Or that dream walking closet with a chandelier hanging in the middle? Let us do all for you.

Bathroom designs - Let us update your bathroom in matter of days. Updating your bathrooms, would add a lot of value to your house. A modern, open space, indoor-outdoor master bathroom is something not to miss!

Lighting designs - Whether you are looking for that extravaganza lighting design, or just simply updating the lighting system of your space by adding some recess lighting, we are here to help.

Living room designs - Did you know you could do a lot to bring your living room back to life? Adding some new color, new flooring, adding a fireplace and playing with the spacing could totally change your living room.